Gnosco continues to invest in AI supported features

Dermicus AI Focus a new AI feature

Caption: Dermicus AI Focus – is a new AI feature for image quality assurance in Dermicus mobile application for checking that photos are focused and of good quality: In this example, the photo is blurred, and the user is prompted to retake the photo. Photo: Gnosco/Jan Torbjörnsson.

23 September 2021

The Gnosco teledermatology platform Dermicus continues to develop, improving the quality and the efficiency of the patient journey from primary care to secondary care. In 2021 the platform has expanded, including several new AI features for image quality assurance, such as Dermicus AI Focus and Dermicus AI Light. These features have been developed by years of experience from over 50 000 patient cases and users input. 

Dermicus is a teledermatology platform and consists of a smartphone and a web application delivered by the healthtech company Gnosco AB. Developed in Sweden, in close collaboration with healthcare to provide decision support, the platform is used for skin cancer, skin lesions and wound management, including leg ulcers and pressure ulcers. Gnosco continues to invest in AI and develop partnerships for research and innovation.

“During the spring, we have successfully integrated Dermicus into the EMR Take Care in Region Stockholm. This enables the broad introduction of all 220 primary care centers in the region during the autumn of 2021 and early 2022. We have also implemented teledermatoscopy at our customer Min Doktor’s clinics and trained over 150 of their employees. In parallel, thanks to a close collaboration with our customers and academia, functionalities in the platform have developed and expanded, including new AI features for image quality assurance. One feature is preventing blurred photos from being sent to the consultant, who would be unable to make a remote diagnosis, resulting in the patient returning to the GP for the photo to be retaken. This is a common problem in healthcare,” said Daniel Eliasson, CEO of Gnosco.

“Artificial intelligence is a priority area, and we work collaboratively with Sweden’s leading dermatologists on innovative research projects. A current example is our collaboration with Åsa Ingvar and colleagues in Region Skåne, to evaluate AI functionality in clinical practice, including AI applying different filters to images and how that will support the consultants’ diagnosis,” adds Daniel Eliasson.

The study in Skåne1 is a research project and aims to evaluate how the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer can be improved with the help of teledermatoscopy and artificial intelligence. Gnosco is a partner.

Dermicus AI Focus and Dermicus AI Light

One of the new features in Dermicus’ mobile application is an automatic check that the photos are focused and of good quality to support the consultant for a high-quality remote diagnosis and prevent patients needing revisit GP for the photos to be retaken (see image above: Dermicus AI Focus).

Another new AI supported feature verifies that photos are taken in the correct order and with both polarized and non-polarized light. This is important when reviewing images to make a remote diagnosis and for historical images comparison during follow up consultation (see image below: Dermicus AI Light). Dermicus is now available for both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android phones. In addition, new features have been developed for collaboration, second opinion, medical education, and multidisciplinary teams.

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 Dermicus AI Light AI feature for image quality assurance

Caption: Dermicus AI Light – is a new AI feature for image quality assurance in the Dermicus mobile application that verifies that photos are taken in the right order, and with both polarized and non-polarized light. Photo: Gnosco/Jan Torbjörnsson.


1. 2020-2025: Teledermoscopy and artificial intelligence: implementation in clinical practice, Start: 2020/11/16 End: 2025/11/30, Lead: Lund University, Åsa Ingvar with colleagues, and Gnosco is partner.