DERMICUS Teledermatology

For fast and secure diagnosis of skin cancer and wounds

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Faster Process

Fast and accurate diagnosis of melanoma provides a high qualitative process and an improved patient experience.

Continuous Learning

The platform enables knowledge-sharing between General Practitioners and Specialists.

Patient Data Security

The CE-certified platform Dermicus complies with the requirements for GDPR, encryption, authentication and secure login.

Dermicus diagnostic service

CE-certified digital platform and mobile application with dermatoscope to securely capture images. Enabling secure and efficient decision support for specialists, doctors and nurses.

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Specialized solutions

In order to properly improve processes within an area, specialized solutions are required. A generalized system often involves compromises. Therefore, Dermicus is focused a few specially selected areas within dermatology.

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Increasing knowledge about both skin lesions and different types of wounds is extremely important in order to  correctly diagnose the patient and thereby start the correct treatment as quickly as possible. Gnosco offers courses, both online and class room for general practitioners and dermatologists.

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Dermicus service

Listen and learn about Dermicus!

With teledermoscopy I rapidly develop my skills of dermoscopy, as I take photos of suspicious lesions and get feed-back within a couple of days. Besides me learning, it also enhances the medical quality for the patient

General Practitioner

This is what I call modern healthcare! This is superior to getting a referral and waiting for 3 months to visit the Dermatology Specialist.

A Patient

The increased competence of skin cancer in primary care is an extremely valuable part of teledermatology.

Dr. Jan Lapins

Senior Derm. Specialist at Depart. of Dermatology, Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm