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Artificial Intelligence

“Machines will not replace physicians, but physicians using AI will soon replace those not using it” Antonio De Leva, The Lancet

Demetra skin imaging

Innovating with our client collaborators

The Dermicus platform and Demetra skin imaging system have been developed in close collaboration with leading experts and healthcare organizations and these partnerships continue to be crucial.

Dermicus Wound webbapp

AI capabilities

Dermicus AI focus checks for image quality in the mobile application to ensure photos are in sufficiently in focus. This is critical in preventing patients needing additional photos to be retaken.

Dermicus AI Light checks that the polarized and non-polarized pictures are taken correctly. This is essential when reviewing images to make a remote diagnosis and for historical images comparison during follow up consultation.

Dermicus and DermLite

Ongoing innovation

Artificial intelligence is a priority area and we are work intensively with with leading dermatologists on research projects that will make a difference to clinicians and patients. Dermicus has a unique set of data across primary and specialist care providers and is using this to drive innovation that will help increase diagnostic confidence and make skin care more accessible.

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