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Telewound care

Dermicus Telewound is a clinical application that facilitates the diagnosis and correct treatment of patients with hard-to-heal wounds. The application includes specific clinical protocols for the various wound conditions to enable effective remote collaboration between nursing teams and specialists.

Dermicus and DermLite

Key Capabilities

  • Secure & data privacy compliant collaboration between visiting nurses, primary care and specialist care providers
  • Full patient pathway managed by the platform and configurable to local needs and protocols
  • Dedicated remote reporting application with tasking management, inter-specialist collaboration, structured reporting and documentation
  • Simple, easy to use workflows and image capture for visiting nurses and primary care providers
  • Performance statistics configurable to local requirements to track trends and value delivered to the network
  • Integrations to 3rd party patient record, image archive systems and quality registry systems

Benefits and examples of success

The national wound registry of Sweden (RiksSår) has been using Dermicus for removing the variation in patient pathways for the management of chronic wounds. The benefits experience are numerous but most critically was an improvement in wound healing by 64%, a reduction in clinical time by 46% and antibiotic use declined by a third.

A video detailing the experience of Dr Rut Öien of the national wound registry.