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On this page you can read about the latest news about Dermicus – our teledermatology platform for digital diagnostic support. A faster and more secure diagnosis of skin lesions and wounds.

Swequal cancer care

EU conference on cancer in Stockholm

8 February 2023: Dermicus and Region Stockholm – On February 1st Swedish healthcare was highlighted by Swecare in an exhibition at Conference on Cancer under the Swedish EU Presidency.

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Dermicus webbapp

Dermicus top 10

16 January 2023: Dermicus (Gnosco) was ranked top 10 in the category “fast growth” among digital health firms in Sweden.

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Peter Kinhan CEO Dermicus

Gnosco and Barco's dermatology operations merge

12 September 2022: Gnosco merges with Demetra, the Belgian dermatology business of Barco, strengthening the further development of Dermicus.

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Demetra skin imaging

Demetra skin imaging partnership with MediPortal

23 June 2022: Barco Demetra skin imaging solution and MediPortal, the belgian-based healthcare software developer, announce new partnership.

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Dermicus at more than 100 health centers

22 June 2022: Fewer unnecessary surgeries for suspicions skin lesions with the help of Dermicus in Region Stockholm Sweden.

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Demetra the next generation of skin imaging

Demetra grow in practices in the US

21 June 2022: Demetra skin imaging solution is leveraging technology to improve communication and efficiency in dermatology, first launched in the US in 2021.

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Teledermatoskopi webbapplikation

Vinnova funding on AI and skin cancer

9 June 2022: Gnosco, Skåne University Hospital and Chalmers Industriteknik have been granted funding by the Swelife and Medtech4Health collaboration announcement.

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Dermicus teledermatology evaluation report 2022

WAHSN Dermicus final evaluation report skin cancer

23 February 2022: An independent report by Wessex AHSN of the Dermicus platform states that teledermatology can dramatically improve the speed to diagnose skin cancer.

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Swecare cancer

A part of the Swedish way

4 February 2022: Implementing Dermicus for the diagnosis of skin cancer in Skåne and Stockholm regions is highlighted in Swecare's latest online brochure.

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Gnosco ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certification

25 September 2021: Gnosco has achieved ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for information security.

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AI stödda funktioner

New AI supported features

23 September 2021: Gnosco continues to invest in AI supported features for image quality assurance in teledermatology, such as Dermicus AI Focus and Dermicus AI Light.

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Min Doktor has implemented Dermicus

2 July 2021: The Swedish healthcare company Min Doktor’s care and vaccination clinics has during May and June implemented Dermicus – Gnosco's teledermatology platform for the management of patients with skin changes at more than 30 clinics around Sweden.

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Gnosco and Min Doktor initiates a collaboration

9 April 2021: During April three of the Swedish healthcare company Min Doktor's care and vaccination clinics will be first to document skin changes with Dermicus.

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Dermicus NHS team finalists addressing skin cancer in the HSJ Awards

24 March 2021: The Isle of Wight is first to implement the Dermicus teledermatology platform for early diagnosis of skin cancer. Following a successful implementation, the team was shortlisted for the NHS 2020 HSJ Awards – Primary Care Innovation of the Year.

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Demetra skin imaging

Partnership with Modernizing Medicine

23 March 2021: Demetra skin imaging system is now interfaced with Modernizing Medicine’s electronic medical record (EMR).

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Demetra from the side

Delivery of community-based dermatology

19 March 2021: Dr. med. Hans-Werner Owzarski Germany about harnessing new technology.

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The IOW NHS in UK and Region Stockholm Sweden first to implement Dermicus

27 January 2021: Gnosco has won a tender for the supply of Dermicus in Region Stockholm Sweden. GPs, for all 220 health centres in the region, will use the teledermatology platform.

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Dermicus Wound presentation EWMA 2022

Implementation of Dermicus Wound EWMA 2020

19 October 2020: RiksSår in Sweden has actively participated in validations of Dermicus Wound that have been tested by care providers connected to the national quality registry. Here is a summary of some results from the implementation and testing of Dermicus in 2020.

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Dermicus passes NHS Digital assurance to help with coronavirus

17 October 2020: In response to the coronavirus emergency, Dermicus have been through accelerated assurance from NHS Digital, which covers key characteristics such as Clinical Safety and Information Governance.

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The use of Dermicus during COVID-19

14 July 2020: Dr Amy Poyner, a GP on the Isle of Wight, highlights how using teledermatology has not only improved the process for skin cancer diagnosis, but ensured referrals continue as normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Multispectral dermoscopy skin cancer

Skin Parameter Maps

5 February 2020: Multispectral dermoscopy value in skin cancer diagnosis. The technology allows to see more detail of skin lesions and has proven its value in the diagnosis of skin cancer.

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Dermicus Telederm webbapp

Several projects and agreements in UK during spring 2019

12 August 2019: The UK’s leading GP publication announces Dermicus teledermatology go live in the NHS, and Dermicus Teledermatology platform is now live in the Digital Marketplace catalogue.

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