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Chaos & Clues

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Dermicus hudcancer


The training aims to improve knowledge of malignant melanoma and other skin diseases, as well as how to detect malignant melanoma at an early stage using manual and digital dermatoscopy.

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Through interactive and engaging modules, the course offers specialist training in dermatoscopy. The participants will gain knowledge of the diagnosis and management of pigmented skin lesions. The course is focused and based on the “Chaos & Clues” algorithm and how it is applied. The course consists of various parts, such as recorded lectures, practice cases, tests and downloadable material.

What is Chaos & Clues

Chaos & Clues represents a decision algorithm that allows for easy assessment of pigmented skin changes based on revised pattern analysis and use of a dermatoscope. It has proven to be a reliable tool that leads to improved diagnosis of melanoma.

Target audience

Primary care physicians


995 SEK inc. VAT


Johan Heilborn, Med Dr, Specialist in Dermatology


Normally takes 2-4 hours The course is available for 3 months


The course is in English


Basic knowledge about skin lesions

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