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Dermicus clients range from both public and private health sectors and include regional health bodies, county municipalities, primary care centres, specialist dermatology clients and departments, wound management units, pharmacies and nursing homes.

Different settings, different needs

Dermicus has been implemented in a variety of care pathways:

  • Teledermatology pathways with collaborative networks between primary care centres and dermatology specialists.
  • Telewound care pathways with municipalities collaborating with wound specialists for treatments of patients with hard to heal wounds
  • Pharmacies connecting with Dermatology specialists to diagnose pigmented lesions.
  • Dermatology departments and clinics digitize their diagnostic and second opinion workflows

Client Stories

Isle of Wight, NHS England

The Isle of Wight has the highest incidence of skin cancers and lesions in England, exacerbated by a sunny climate and an older population. The deployment of Dermicus has reduced waiting times from 26 days to 0.6 days. Read more about the benefits reported from an independent evaluation.

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Min Doktor, Sweden

The private healthcare provider Min Doktor has implemented Dermicus teledermatology platform for management of patients with suspicious pigmented skin lesions in more than 30 clinics around Sweden.

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Region Stockholm, Sweden

Region Stockholm has been working for several years to develop its care process in teledermatology for the efficient management of skin cancer. Read more about how Dermicus have contributed to this, from the introduction to the implementation for all 220 primary care centres in the region.

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Demetra the next generation of skin imaging

Olansky Dermatology

One of Demetra’s early adopters, Olansky Dermatology, was featured in the Dermatology Times publication in the United States, where they describe their experience in adopting Demetra and what it has meant to their patients and their practice.

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Matthew Laffer dermatologist Arizona

Skin Imaging technology helps with patient satisfaction and diagnosis of skin cancer.

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"We have been using the Dermicus app now for 4 months or so. This system has proved to be excellent."

Dr Richard Ashton

Specialist, NHS Isle of Wight

“A major advantage compared to an analog dermoscope is the ergonomics. With Demetra I no longer suffer from tired eyes at the end of the day because I am able to use both eyes.”

Dr. Marco Andrea Tomassini


The Dermicus App is an excellent tool for primary care clinicians, providing a reliable interface with a skin specialist. It saves time and costs and improves the efficiency of assessments.

Dr Kevin Gallagher

General Practitioner UK