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Heine iC1

The market's best dermatoscope adapted for iPhone.

Heine iC1

Same guarantee as other products from Heine. Easy to get started and start using and no software connection between phone and dermatoscope. Interchangeable phone shell for upcoming new phone models.


How does Heine iC1 work?

Heine's iC1 dermatoscope is of very high quality and has all the properties required for an effective teledermatoscopy or for regular documentation.

Interchangeable shell for various models

In order to make sure that the dermatoscope will work for future iPhones, Heine has an interchangeable shell. This means that the entire dermatoscope does not need to be replaced for new iPhone models.

The same fine optics as in Delta 20T

The same high quality optics as in Delta 20T are also found in the iC1, with sharpness all the way to the edges. Also has integrated ruler.

Two types of light for maximum quality

With a simple push of a button, you can switch between polarized and regular light.

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