Purpose-built skin solutions

Transforming the diagnosis & treatment of skin conditions, when and where it is needed.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help healthcare providers re-engineer the diagnostic and treatment processes of skin conditions with purpose built technology and proven implementation methods.

One platform for skin conditions where and when it is needed

The Dermicus platform is flexible and built to be configured to different care settings including hospitals, dermatology practices, primary care centers, pharmacies, nursing homes, visiting nursing.

Teledermatoskopi webbapplikation


Dermicus Telederm is a purpose built teledermatology application to enable efficient patient management and secure collaboration for multi-disciplinary teams across primary and secondary care. The solution includes mobile image capture workflows, AI enabled image quality checks, specialist remote diagnostic workflows and open APIs to connect to local systems and EMRs.

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Dermicus Telewound is a purpose built application to enable efficient patient management and secure collaboration between nursing teams and specialists with hard-to-heal wounds. The solution includes mobile image capture workflows, specialist remote workflows for various wound conditions and open APIs to connect to local systems and EMRs

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Demetra skin imaging

Skin Imaging

Demetra represents the next generation of skin imaging. It digitizes the dermoscopy processes with high quality optics to capture clinical and dermoscopic images aiding more confident diagnoses and providing easy follow-up workflows

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Benefits we enable

1. Reduce waiting times

2. Faster, more confident diagnosis.

3. Reduce unnecessary referrals to specialist care

Compliant for healthcare

  • Certified – EN ISO 13485:2016
  • Certified – ISO/IEC 27001:2022
  • Information Governance (IG) and GDPR.
  • Clinical safety DCB 0129 (UK)
  • Independent penetration tested
  • Integrations into primary and secondary care
  • UK – NHSX DTAC (Digital Technology Assessment Criteria)
  • MDR compliant (Skin Imaging/BDEM-01)
I have still been able to offer a consultant opinion, with the confidence that this is accurate and useful. In addition, because the images are able to be stored, should there be any question over the diagnosis in the future, the images would be available for audit.

Dr Richard Ashton


The Dermicus App is an excellent tool for primary care clinicians, providing a reliable interface with a skin specialist. It saves time and costs and improves the efficiency of assessments.

Dr Kevin Gallagher


Thanks to Demetra’s excellent image quality and user-friendly software we are able to identify even the smallest changes in affected pigment when following up our patients.

Dr. Mark Vandaele


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