More than 100 health centres in Stockholm now offer teledermatoscopy


teledermatoscopy on arm

22 June 2022

Malignant melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers in Sweden yet there have been fewer unnecessary surgeries for suspicious skin lesions. This is just one of the results that have been seen since teledermatoscopy, with the help of Dermicus, began to be widely introduced at health centres in Region Stockholm Sweden just over a year ago.

The benefits are due to a more accurate assessment of skin changes, and the patient receiving a faster response, which means that fewer people need surgery. Over 4 000 patients have now been examined with teledermatoscopy and close to 200 suspected melanoma have been identified, whilst just over 80 per cent have also been acquitted without surgery or a follow-up appointment.

Another thirty health centres in Region Stockholm will start using teledermatoscopy in June, and during the autumn another 60 health centres are expected to be connected.

Read more in a press release (in Swedish) on 14 June 2022 from the Regional Cancer Center (RCC) Stockholm Gotland.

More about our client Region Stockholm read more in this customer case.

About Dermicus

Dermicus is a teledermatology platform delivered by the healthtech company Gnosco AB. Developed in Sweden, in close collaboration with healthcare to provide decision support, the platform is used for skin cancer, skin lesions and wound management. Gnosco AB offers products and services for improved care processes, specialist diagnostics, documentation, and continuous knowledge development in healthcare. The platform is used for skin cancer, skin lesions and wound management, including leg ulcers and pressure ulcers.