Leveraging technology to improve communication and efficiency in dermatology

Demetra the next generation of skin imaging

29 June 2022

Barco Demetra Skin Imaging System first launched in the United States in 2021 and has since seen its adoption grow in practices across the country.

Demetra combines the best of analog and digital skin imaging, allowing dermatologists to take any kind of picture and makes mapping, follow-up and comparison of skin images smoother and smarter. Demetra helps improve diagnostic confidence, streamline and integrate clinical workflows and enhance the patient experience.

“Skin cancer dermoscopy is getting a hightech overhaul as the scope of innovation broadens from a singular focus on the stand-alone product to the development of a comprehensive medical, patient care, and workflow management platform.

Next-generation launches such as the FDA-cleared Demetra (Barco) skin-imaging platform integrate advanced tools into a handheld device aimed at maximizing diagnostic and monitoring accuracy with the optimized accessibility of cloud storage and seamless flow of information into electronic health records (EHRs).”

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