Implementation of Dermicus Wound EWMA 2020

Dermicus Wound presentation EWMA 2022

19 October 2020

RiksSår, the Swedish national quality registry for ulcer treatment, has actively participated in validations of Dermicus Wound over the years and the platform has been tested by several healthcare providers connected to the quality register in Sweden. Here is a summary of some results from the implementation and testing of Dermicus Wound presented in 2020.

At a webinar held live 7 October 2020, by EWMA (The European Wound Management Association) Rut Öien, chairman of RiksSår (Blekinge Wound Healing Centre), was one of the speakers. The topic was how wound consultations can take place via Dermicus with simultaneous entering data to the Swedish national quality registry. This way of work make it possible to both follow the individual patient’s wound healing process and also make it possible to gain access to national aggregated data for this patient group: “Organisation of telemedicine in wound management – Care pathways & teams“. The lecture can be viewed in retrospect here on YouTube.

At a digital meeting by the leading Swedish medical journal Dagens Medicin in early October, Rut Öien, was one of the speakers. One of her messages was that if RiksSår were to be used fully for all patients with hard-to-heal wounds in Sweden, it would mean an annual cost saving of SEK 950 million – in staff costs alone. An additional SEK 110 million can be saved on conversion material. Read more in this interview in Dagens Medicin on 15 October 2020.

Dagens Medicin on 19 April 2020 published an article about the collaboration with RiksSår, and the as yet unpublished results of the implementation and testing of Dermicus Wound in Sweden. The results show that the effect has been good.

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