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Fast and safe assessment of skin lesions

For private care givers we offer a complete digital diagnosis service and implementation support.

Our offer to private care givers

Dermicus diagnosis support

  • CE-marked mobile application and digital platform with integrations to existing journal / image systems

  • CE-marked mobile application, digital platform and dermatoscope

  • Fast process for improved patient experience

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Implementation support

  • Possibility to set up pilot projects quickly

  • Well-established process for implementation on a larger scale

  • Support in optimizing the work process

  • Standardized image formats enable easier integration

How does Dermicus diagnosis service work?

Dermicus is a CE-certified tele-medical platform and mobile application, especially intended for communication between healthcare providers.

Physical visit to GP

1. GP meets patient

2. Regular journal entries

3. Full body dermatoscopy with hand held dermatoscope if possible

4. Use Dermicus for any lesion where GP is unsure

Consultation by dermatologist

1. Dermatologist is notified about a new patient case.

2. Analyzes at images and medical history

3.Writes the consultation and recommended action

Follow-up by GP

1. The GP receives the consultation within five days

2. Reads the answer on the platform

3. Contacts the patient for the next action, if any

4. Closes the patient case

Easy to use application

User friendly design adapted for desktop and mobile.

Functions for consultation and group discussion between healthcare professionals.

Compare images over time.

Invite colleagues.

Search and filter functions.

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