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We provide primary care with a diagnostic service with our without consultation from dermatologist along with a complete training program in dermatoscopy.

Primary care offer

Diagnostic service

  • CE-certified mobile application and digital platform

  • Simple and secure documentation and storage of photo and patient data

  • Integration with existing journal or image filing systems

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  • Consultative answer within 5 days

  • Always consensus assessment, at least 2 skin specialists

  • Structured responses from skin specialist give primary care physicians continuous learning

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  • Dermatoscopy course, both online and physically, for ST-doctors, specialists in general medicine and dermatologists

  • Auscultation with experienced skin specialist

  • Continuous learning through the use of Dermicus

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How does Dermicus Mole work?

CE-certified digital platform and mobile application with dermatoscope to securely capture images. Enabling secure and efficient decision support for specialists, doctors and nurses.

Physical visit to GP

1. GP meets a patient

2. Regular journal entries

3. Full body dermatoscopy with hand held dermatoscope if possible

4. Use of Dermicus mobile application for consultation of a lesion where GP is unsure

Consultation by dermatologist

1. Dermatologist is notified of a new patient case.

2. Analysis of images and medical history in Dermicus web application.

3. Consultation and recommended actions are written in Dermicus Web application.

Follow-up by GP

1. The GP receives the consultation within five days

2. Reads the answer on the platform

3. Contacts the patient for the next action, if any

4. Closes the patient case

Who does the consultations?

Consultations are carried out by your own local/regional dermatologists. If necessary, a second opinion from experienced dermatologists is offered via Gnosco. We at Gnosco can provide recommendations on how to structure assessments and optimize the associated clinical work process. We at Gnosco provide support during the implementation phase.

Easy to use application

User friendly design adapted for desktop and mobile.
Functionalities for consultations and group discussion between healthcare professionals.
Compare images over time.
Invite colleagues.
Search and filter functions.
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