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Key features

Dermicus is an NHS compliant teledermatology digital platform and mobile app intended for healthcare professionals. The platform enables a fast, secure, and efficient process for handling patients with skin lesions, wounds, and other skin conditions.

Structure and functions enable second opinion, multidisciplinary collaboration, and continuous learning for both municipal, primary and specialist care. Dermicus platform and mobile application contains several different products, for example Dermicus Mole, Dermicus Wound, Dermicus Photo.


Login with 2-factor authentication

Patient data is retrieved through secure connection from NHS Spine services PDS and primary care EPRs.

Encrypted transfer of data and no data or images are stored on the mobile phone

Encrypted storage

Receipts and traceability for documentation and activities.

For more details about security, please contact us

Simple and user-friendly mobile app

Smooth and secure login

Patient’s consent is documented in the mobile app

Documentation through predefined configurable drop-down lists

Automatic check that the images are focused and of good quality

Automatic verification that the user is using polarized and non-polarized light

iOS and Android

Web application – flexible and efficient

Patient overview containing all referral data and images

Worklist of referrals, including status

Optimised view for a specific patient case containing everything needed for diagnosis

Image display module specially designed for dermatology images

Consultation module for secure private and group message within the platform, supporting multi-disciplinary teams and remote expert advice.

“Second opinion” possibility for extra/if very complicated patient cases

Notifications for different events and activities

Role-based, secure documentation of consultation responses, notes, pathology responses

PDF export of all information can be created for printing, storage, attachment for further consultation, etc.

Section for standardised diagnosis and other tagging enables effective follow-up, research, etc

Statistics  for number of patients, diagnosis distribution, etc.

Search and filter function to quickly find what you are looking for

Rights and role-based structure enable own control of settings, processes, etc.

Flexible configuration to meet different customers’ specific patient processes


Integrations to the healthcare system

Integrated with  electronic patient  records (EPRs) for automatic data transfer

Integrated with referral management system to supplement already started referral from healthcare providers

Integrated with image archiving system for automatic transmission (DICOM, JPG, etc)

Integrated with quality registers for automatic data transfer

Standardised APIs for further integrations according to healthcare standards

AI stödda funktioner

AI supported features

Dermicus AI Focus: Automatic check that the images are focused and of good quality

Dermicus AI Light: Automatic verification that the user is taking the photos in the correct order and with both polarized and non-polarized light

New AI functions (artificial intelligence) are under development and verification together with healthcare professionals

Read more about Dermicus AI supported features.


Dermicus is NHS compliant

Gnosco is ISO 27001 certified

Gnosco operates and develop products in accordance with the following standards:

ISO 13485: 2012/2016

ISO 14971: 2012

HSLF-FS 2016: 40