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Demetra skin imaging

Re-imaging Skin Imaging

Demetra represents the next generation of skin imaging. It combines the best of analog and digital skin imaging, allowing dermatologists to take any kind of picture and makes mapping, follow-up and comparison of skin images smoother and smarter.

Demetra helps improve diagnostic confidence, streamline and integrate clinical workflows, and enhance the patient experience.

Demetra skin imaging

Key capabilities

  • Aid in achieving better informed diagnoses with high-quality digital dermoscopic imaging directly at the point of care
  • Only one device is needed to take any type of picture when screening patients which avoids the hassle with dealing with clip-ons or switching lenses
  • Share images with the patient in real-time, educating them on their condition and improving patient engagement
  • Expand the role of your care team to take on dermoscopic imaging with an intuitive device and workflow that creates consistent, high-quality images to aid in diagnosis
  • Save time in your clinical practice though Demetra’s intelligent workflow and reporting.
Demetra from the side

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