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Dermicus Platform

The specialised teledermatology platform - today, and the future

Teledermatoskopi överarm

One Platform

Customers have the choice to set their service up for, skin cancer diagnoses, dermatology, wound management or as a secure medical photo sharing and consultation service.

The platform is flexible and provides all the specialist features to support the provision of high-quality care for dermatology patients, without the need to travel long distances or endure long waits for results. Not matter how the platform is set up, Gnosco will always help its customers to realise the benefits and power of the platform to introduce new areas of dermatological use on their platform. Gnosco want to help support our customers to make the radical transformation required to deliver the next generation of care to patients.

Joined Up Care

At its heart, the Dermicus Platform supports improved collaborative patient care and aims to not only provide technological communication and access to clinical specialism but also to dramatically improve patient care and outcomes. Putting the patient at the centre of care and allowing multiple disciplines and specialisms to interact with patient information is not only an administrative efficiency but has far greater implication for patient care, with patients being diagnosed faster and with a more holistic approach taken to all round care.

The core features

  • Secure and structured patient data and image captured by Dermicus mobile app
  • Remote specialist and expert access to patient data and images by Dermicus web app
  • Two-factor authentication secure login
  • Role-based access
  • Secure group and private collaboration between care providers on the platform
  • Full patient pathway flow managed by the platform
  • Easy searching and reporting of patient cases
  • Integrations into 3rd party patient record systems

Dermicus can be securely integrated into primary care patient records systems or patient cases can be exported as a PDF and attached to the patient record.

Dermicus App

The Dermicus Platform can be accessed by a traditional web-based portal as well as an iOS or Android app. The app has been designed with simplicity in mind and can allow clinicians to request decision support in less than three minutes. Working on mobile devices gives clinicians the flexibility to work in any environment and deliver the same level of service. The Dermicus app works as well remotely as it does from within a Trust or GP practice. This means that clinicians can receive results and request further analysis whilst in a patient’s home or out in the community. Coupled with a high-quality dermatoscope the Dermicus app delivers world-class imaging and diagnostic capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Easy Management

The Dermicus Platform is managed from an intuitive web interface giving you total control over your service. There are no transaction fees or management fees for using the portal, giving you full control to add, remove, manage users, requests and audit the service. The portal provides a single location to manage all aspects of the Dermicus platform and your specific configuration.

Continuous education

To support the transformational benefits of implementing teledermatology, the Dermicus platform drives continuous learning for the users by secure collaboration in the platform. In addition, the platform can provide users with automatic notification of patient cases with the diagnosis removed so that users can test what they believe the diagnosis was before revealing the answer.

This and online courses continue to develop the knowledge of the primary care users leading to improving the adoption of the platform, increased knowledge related to skin cancer and wound management and continuous professional development.