Dermicus introduces a wound measurement feature to improve workflow

Dermicus Wound webbapp

15 January 2024

Dermicus, formerly known as Gnosco AB, announced the introduction of its wound measurement feature on its Dermicus Telewound platform. This new feature allows users to calculate the wound area and borders to support the workflow of healthcare professionals managing hard-to-heal wounds.

“We are pleased to announce this new wound measurement feature which was the outcomes of strong collaboration between our research team and our collaborating clients.  We are excited to put it to use for our newly onboarded clients in Sweden and Austria,” says Peter Kinhan, CEO Dermicus.

This wound measurement feature was introduced to address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in obtaining precise wound measurements. It provides a simple and time-saving solution to support efficient healthcare processes of nursing working under time pressure and increasing patient caseloads.

Insightful wound monitoring

Measuring the area and borders of a wound offers valuable insights into the healing process. The aim of this new feature is to help healthcare providers make more informed decision-making for improved patient care.

Many clinicians use manual processes for measurement today as common practice. Through the Dermicus Telewound mobile app, there is now a feature to measure the wound area, which is an important metric that healthcare providers monitor as part of the healing process.

The suggested borders are activated with a click after taking a close-up picture of the wound. The user receives a line drawn around the wound, which can be adjusted, to calculate the length, width, and area.

Dermicus wound measurement feature

Caption: The new wound area measurement feature. The green circle serves to calibrate the algorithm. Packaging with reference markers that are used together with the Dermicus wound measurement feature, can be ordered here.

“Our goal is to provide an enterprise solution to our clients that is integrated to their health IT systems and compliant with the rigorous standards of information security, but first and foremost it has to be easy to use at the point of care,” says Daniel Eliasson, Dermicus COO Dermicus. “We are happy to release the wound measurement as an addition to our existing Telewound solution.”

The wound measurement feature is fully integrated to the Dermicus mobile workflow, and the data is automatically sent to the Dermicus platform to help inform visiting nurses, primary care, and specialist and to track over time.

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