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Classroom course


We offer a training program for ST-doctors, specialists in general medicine and skin specialists. The training aims to improve knowledge of malignant melanoma and other skin diseases, as well as how to detect malignant melanoma at an early stage using manual and digital dermatoscopy.

En utbildning i flera delar:

1. One day training in Dermatoscopy according to Chaos & Clues.

2. Possibility to auscultate and train dermatoscopy on patients together with the course coordinator.

3. Opportunity for continuous learning in your daily work.

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Chaos & Clues - Pattern Analysis

Much has happened since dermatoscopy was seriously introduced in dermatology just over 30 years ago.

At the international conference on dermatoscopy in Vienna (April 2015) it was clear that the trend now goes from “recognizing patterns” to instead “analyzing patterns”. The pattern analysis was created by among other Dr. Harald Kittler.

Target audience

ST-läkare och Specialister inom dermatologi och allmänmedicin


4 900SEK inc. VAT


Johan Heilborn, Med Dr, Specialist i Dermatologi, Verksamhetschef Hudcentrum Hagastaden, Stockholm


Friday 20 september 2019
Friday 22 november 2019

Location: Elite Palace Hotel, S:t Eriksgatan 115


Friday 11 october

Location: Elite Park Avenue hotel

Last application date

One week before course date

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