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Small on the outside, huge on the inside


HEINE DELTA® One dermatoscope is the small mobile device you need to deliver to high quality. The device provides good optics no matter what distance you want between the eyepieces and the eyes without distortion.

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How does the HEINE DELTA® One work

Has all the functions required for an efficient dermatoscopy or for standard documentation. You get crystal clear images through the new HEINE optical systems that also have outstanding color reproduction due to LEDHQ quality. When screening skin cancer, small color shades in red, brown and even blue have had a big impact on the diagnosis. Skin examinations are convenient because of polarizations that allow doctors to work without glare or disturbing reflections.

Interchangeable shell for different models

In order to secure the future purchase of dermatoscopes for the iPhone, Heine has a replaceable shell. This means that the entire dermatoscope does not need to be replaced even if new models of iPhone are coming.


Comes in a case with contact plate, scale and medically approved USB charger. DELTAone is a high quality mobile dermatoscope that can be used both as contact/ contactless instrument, with both polarized and non-polarized light. The newly developed lens system provides a crystal clear image with a full 21mm real field of view. HEINE DELTAone is an analogue dermatoscope that can also be used for digital documentation along with HEINE mobile shell / adapter for Apple and Android phones. Mobility and Quality have now become DELTAone.

* Fits perfectly in your pocket
* 3 different brightnesses
* 10x magnification
* Switching function between polarized and non-polarized light via a simple push of a button
* Scalable removable contact plate

* Maintenance-free thanks to a dustproof construction
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery
* Best possible color rendering thanks to well-known HEINE LEDHQ technology

Image quality

No matter what working distance you prefer between you and your instrument, you get a crystal clear image thanks to HEINE’s newly developed lens system. Features such as a crystal clear image, LEDHQ and polarized work light.


Invest in quality – it pays off in the long run

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