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 A grip-friendly beauty with the best image we have ever developed.


Dermatoscope The HEINE DELTA® 30 has a real field of view that measures 30 verifications, LEDHQ that provides an outstanding color rendering. Together, it creates a dermatoscope in a class of its own. Polarization provides glare-free and non-reflective working conditions. This is  possible because of the new HEINE optical system, the first of its size.

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How does HEINE DELTA® 30 work?

Above all, it is convenient to use with its angular, ergonomic design and intuitive control. No matter what working distance you prefer between you and your patient, you get a crystal clear image thanks to HEINE's newly developed chromatic lens system. Features like 30mm crystal clear and distorted image, combined with LEDHQ lighting, make DELTA 30 your probably the most important diagnostic instrument in the fight against skin changes.


HEINE DELTA 30 comes complete in a case with contact plate with scale and a medical device approved USB charger. DELTA 30 is a high quality dermatoscope designed for daily use in hospitals and clinics. It can be used as both contact / contactless instrument, with both polarized and non-polarized light. The newly developed lens system provides a crystal clear image with a full 30mm real field of view. HEINE DELTA 30 is an analogue dermatoscope that can also be used for digital documentation along with HEINE mobile shell / adapter for Apple and Android phones.

Technical specifications

* Ergonomic design
* 3 different brightnesses
* 10x magnification
* Switching function between polarized and non-polarized light via a simple push of a button
* Scalable autoclavable contact plate
* Maintenance-free thanks to a dustproof construction
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery
* Digital documentation via app


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Beställ HEINE DELTA® 30

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